Ebook – Slimmer Mind – £9.99 (free MP3 download).

*Losing weight couldn’t be easier.

The book itself is very unique, as it highlights many issues surrounding our physical responses and mind matter which have been dampened over many decades due to society and pressured living, conformity etc. The actual plan itself is very simple and very easy to follow and had been written in such away that it removes any guilt issues and negative control you have about food.

Many diets emphasize on the food that you eat but Slimmer Mind has identified that its the RELATIONSHIP with the food that needs to be ultimately dealt with, the elements that the book follow are, how you eat, i.e.. speed, when, how much, etc. Its not necessarily what you eat, it could be how you eat.


Ebook – Smoke-Free Mind – £9.99 (free MP3 download).

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Stop Smoking with Smoke-Free Mind.

Why not experience the wonderful enhancement that Smoke-Free Mind can give you to help you to stop smoking, with ease and without any of those horrid cravings, leaving you feeling completely amazing and wonderful as a non-smoker. *Stop smoking the easy way with Smoke-Free Mind.

The book itself is very unique, as it tackles many issues surrounding our limiting beliefs. The actual book itself is very simple and very easy to follow. Why not turn a leaf and be free of your habit once and for all.

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