Help with Skin Disorders

Psychodermatology using evidence based psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

About Psychodermatology St Albans Service.

What is psychodermatology? Psychological elements such as anxiety/stress have a direct affect on skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Skin disorders can affect your mood and behaviour personally and professionally. Psychological intervention can be advantageous in both supporting and treating many skin disorders, either on its own or combined with conventional medications administered by your doctor.

What can you expect from expect from your specialist treatment?

At the McKeown Clinic our psychotherapists and hypnotherapists will help you identify limiting thoughts of which can be challenged, these can be associated to your personality, your childhood development, you life experiences and how you have managed to develop coping mechanisms dealing with stress and anxiety. The main emphasis of psychodermatology therapy is to enable change through conscious understanding of the causes of what your issues are, enabling you to take responsibility and manage your cognition, which in turn will improve your skin disease. Particular attention may be paid to:

  • Beliefs about appearance and attractiveness
  • Relationship between stress and skin disorder
  • Coping with skin disorder
  • Habits (eg. itch-scratch)
  • Self-esteem
  • Relationships
  • Social interaction skills
  • Psychological distress (eg. anxiety, depression)

What sort of psychological treatment is offered to help with your skin disorder?

At the McKeown Clinic we use Evidence based Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy which combined is a liberating process and will last a lifetime and can help your symptoms in a relatively short period of time dependant on the severity of the issue(s) and how quickly you manage to challenge your thinking. You would have regular weekly meeting with either Steve or one of our other qualified therapists. Like traditional psychotherapy, our therapists and coaches that offer psychotherapy have different styles of approach but ultimately they work towards a goal that will satisfy your needs. Some clients feel evidence based psychotherapy is the right route for them and feel the need to see their therapist on a regular basis over a longer period of time, some clients opt for life coaching or hypnotherapy in the form of analytical therapy which can often shorter in duration but just as effective. Evidence based psychotherapy is an active therapy whereby you will learn about yourself and you will be asked to be proactive and use what you have been taught outside sessions. Throughout the process your progress will be constantly challenged and monitored. Evidence based psychotherapy is scientifically proven to work and is backed up by studies and research.

If you would like more information about Psychodermatology therapy or EBP please call us to discuss, remember that there is no obligation to proceed. We understand that to take responsibility is the hardest step to gain control of your life and that begins as soon as you make that first contact.

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  • Psychodermatology focuses on alternative treatments centred on relaxation and evidence based psychotherapy.
  • Learn to understand the connection between your body and mind.
  • Imagine a pain free life.