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Sexual Problems St Albans

Confidential Help for your Sexual Issues in St Albans.

Help for Sexual Problems and Sexual Inhibitions – Psychotherapy, Coaching and Hynotherapy in St. Albans.

Whether it be an intimate or personal issue, it can be difficult for people to seek help and talk about, but be rest assured you will be surprised at how common your symptom or problems might be in both sexes. Your particular case will be dealt with sensitively and in a confidential professional manner.


Also known as Male Erectile Disorder or Erectile Dysfunction, impotence is where men find it difficult to get an erection, or cannot maintain an erection during sex. This can lead to feeling like a failure, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of rejection and feeling on the spot.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is probably the most common sexual dysfunction in men younger than 40 years old. Premature ejaculation is the persistent experience of ejaculating too quickly with hardly any sexual stimulation. Premature ejaculation occurs before the man wants it to either before or during sex. Premature ejaculation can also lead to many other symptoms such as lack of confidence, depression, sense of failure, low self esteem and other emotional issues. Problems ejaculating may also be triggered or aggravated by issues such as guilt, fears, and performance anxiety, especially in the inexperienced partner or with partners new to each other. Please click here to learn more about Premature Ejaculation.

Vaginisimus in Women

Hypnotherapy can help Vaginisimus, a sexual problem affecting women where sex is painful or impossible due to intense involuntary muscular contractions around the genitals. Symptoms can include genital pain, loss of libido or loss of sex drive, self-esteem problems, fear of penetration, painful sex, depression and much more.

Orgasmic Dysfunction in Women

When women fail to reach orgasm even if they enjoy sex it is known as Anorgasmia – the failure to reach orgasm / failure to climax. Sometimes there is a combination of Anorgasmia and Vaginisimus. Problems reaching orgasm are very common in women… some women have never achieved a climax.


Technically known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, many people may be surprised to find that hypnotherapy can help with your libido and sex drive too. Loss of sex drive, lack of interest in sex or low libido can cause frustration and problems within a relationship. One partner (usually female but not always) avoids sexual intercourse, avoids sexual thoughts, has no desire for sex etc.


This is the need or desire to use what are considered non-sexual objects (e.g. shoes, certain clothes, hands, feet etc.) to produce a state of sexual arousal. The need for the object can become so great that it is all important in sexual activity. Problems with fetishes often include relationship difficulties (because the fetish is a source of argument or friction) or feelings of embarrassment, anxiety or abnormality within the person.

Treating Sexual Problems

Sexual problems and dysfunctions respond very well to evidence based psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in particular.

If you are suffering from a phobia please contact us for a ‘free initial consultation’. If your phobia has not been listed please remember that the list is not exhaustive and we can still help even though there is no reference.

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