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Sports Psychology and Personal Development Coaching in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Professional Athletes train for years to reach their common goal and that’s simply to be the best! Not only do they push their bodies to the extreme edge of the human capability but they have to have the psychological makeup that sees them there.

‘Our psychology is fundamental to our achievement and to the success we obtain through our endeavours’.

Sport psychology is not new to the mental health arena, but it has gained huge attention over the years as sport becomes an important factor to our lives whether that is at novice or professional level. The discipline of sports psychology has an inexact placement at the intersection of athletic training and personal counselling, varying widely depending on the sport and the practitioner. The overall focus is directed at how different aspects of competition affect the player or team’s overall mental health. While the well-being of the athlete is the ultimate aim, sport psychologists also promote mental toughness to optimise athletic achievement with the aim of helping them stay independent of negativity.

What is sports psychology?

I wonder if you have you ever heard an athlete say that a sport is over 70% psychological?

As you make preparations for competition by training for your physical skills, you must also prepare yourself psychologically to give yourself the edge.

It is this psychological side of sporting activity that sports psychology professionals work  to enhance. Sports coaches often deal exclusively with the physical and strategic components of sports, whereas, sports psychology experts seek to harness and develop the minds of athletes to help them improve their performance.

Sports Psychology aims to help athletes achieve their maximum potential and enhance their overall experience.

Why do people contact a sports psychology professional?

  1. To improve overall performance
  2. To overcome the pressures of competition
  3. To enhance the experience of youth sports

Sports Psychology Consultation Serves:

  1. Athletes from novice to professional
  2. Coaches
  3. Teams sports
  4. Organisations

‘To understand the pressure when your at the top of your game, you have to have been there yourself’.

About Steve

Steve has always been very motivated and driven to success and has achieved at a high level, not only has he achieved academically but he has excelled within the sporting arena.

During Steve’s younger years he attended Watford Football Club, School of Excellence. He also played for his local county and attended ‘England Schoolboy trials’.

Steve was also a keen athletics and cross country runner and competed at a high level and was ranked 4th best in the country at 800 metres aged 14 years. During his these formative years Steve regularly attended the English Schools Athletics Championships and was also a keen multi-events athlete, where at the age of 16 years old he won the Southern counties pentathlon.

At age 17 years he went on to compete at the English Schools Multi-Events and finished 19th in the UK.

As a young adult he also played semi-professional football club ‘Borehamwood FC’, where he he played in the 1st round of the FA cup.

After his studies he went on to run his co-owned ‘finance brokerage company’ with his Brother, specialising in debt solutions, where he managed many large portfolios in excess of £1M. Steve decided after a successful 4 years in the finance industry that he wanted to challenge himself and shifted his attention to the world of personal development/coaching where he continues to grow, helping people achieve their dreams.

To this day Steve likes to challenge every aspect of life and is a keen thrill seeker and regularly seeks activities that challenge his body and mind.

For further information on how to improve your sport please call Steve McKeown on 07890 101206.