How your belief system and what you see can prevent you from being a non-smoker.

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Stop Smoking the easy way.

Stop smoking – Most of what I am about to disclose is about what you believe to be true and what you don’t see that keeps you smoking.

Reversed Psychology (the law of reversed effort or effect – Coined by Emile Coue’)

There is a Law of Reversed Effort. The harder we try with the conscious-will to do something, the less we shall succeed. Language such as ‘I don’t want to smoke’, ‘I won’t smoke’, ‘I can’t smoke’’ will all produce the unwanted reversed effect making you want to smoke even more and increasing your supposed craving and anxiety. Read the below as an example: DON’T THINK ABOUT ELEPHANTS! OOOP’s you just did (a simple example law of reversed effect).

Stop smoking now.

Embedded persuasive commands.

An embedded command іѕ a technique used tο communicate with thе conscious mind, whіle аlso sending a message tο thе subconscious mind. The іԁеа іѕ to actually bypass the conscious mind аnԁ communicate directly to the subconscious mind. Embedded commands or commonly used in marketing аnԁ advertising. Embedded commands or hidden suggestions within written or spoken language.

The power of suggestion

A brief definition of suggestion is a psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behaviour of another. The type of suggestion I am discussing is what we call ‘waking suggestion’. ‘Suggestions, however, can also have an effect in the absence of hypnosis. These so-called “waking suggestions” are given in precisely the same way as “hypnotic suggestions” (i.e., suggestions given within hypnosis) and can produce strong changes in perceptual experience’.

Limiting belief system

Limiting beliefs serve as filters of your reality. You see the reality in a different way than others because you have different beliefs than other people. The same situation is viewed differently by different people. That’s why the situation that you find funny might be completely depressing to others. We form beliefs because they simplify our lives. If you, for example, got burnt by a hot stove, next time when the stove is hot you won’t touch it because you believe that you will get burnt. This is the example of a positive belief that simplifies your life and protects you. However, when you get a limiting belief, your life loses its richness because you are not able to perceive it correctly. For example, if you got hurt in a relationship and you start believing that all men/women are the same; this belief will not allow you to see men/women that do not fit into your belief system. Many people mistakenly look at the world and think that what they see is the real world. However limiting beliefs colour their lives in the way that is only true to them. It’s very hard for such people to understand that the life that they perceive is only so because of their limiting beliefs. A great example which I have heard so many times in my clinic is those people that are overweight. ‘I have a sugar addiction’. ‘My metabolism is slow’. ‘I am addicted to chocolate’. ‘My being overweight is genetic’. All of the above ‘JUSTIFY’, logically in their minds, the reason for why they are overweight, hence the feeling of NOT being in control of the outcome. So ask yourself this question. Is smoking addictive? You have been lead to believe it is, by media, by the NHS, by advertising gurus, etc. All this to keep you smoking and make them loads of money. The medical definition of the addiction is, ‘a substance that your body requires more of as time goes on’, of which creates a physical dependency’. Now think of a REAL addiction, Drugs, alcohol, they are both likely to create a physical dependency unlike Nicotine. An alcoholic cannot just stop drinking alcohol due to the physical dependency, as the body has become dependent. If they did stop immediately, go cold turkey, they could die, due to blood pressure and many other physical factors. The goes with the Drug abuser. Think about this. Nobody has even died of stopping smoking immediately, WHY? Because there is no physical dependency. Hence no addiction. YOU SMOKE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO, NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO. It’s just a reoccurring compulsion.

FACT: NICOTINE REPLACE THERAPY (NRT), Nicotine Patches, chewing gum and many others only have a 6-13% success rate. Surely if it was the Nicotine you were addicted to, then NRT would be very successful, you would be able to stop because you were receiving the Nicotine you have been told you were supposedly addiction to. Again most smokers I have seen have said they still smoke whilst on NRT, Confusing, don’t you think? Also they say on the packet that if you use too many patches you may overdose! Have you ever heard of anyone overdosing on nicotine, NO, it’s all a smoke screen, to get you to believe and to keep you buying their products. Which are also highly taxed by our government, which is a whole other argument. I could go on and on and on and on and on with great examples to prove otherwise but I will not bore you. In short if you believe that smoking is an addiction, then you have justified your reason for not giving up, because of your belief powerful belief is justifying your outcome logically. Think about it, you are an intelligent person, and you know smoking is likely to kill you at some point in your life so you have to create a powerful belief behind your reasons for smoking to make it feasible and logical, so you would say I am definitely addicted to smoking, IT JUSTIFIES IT. Now for the fun part, look at what they put on the packet to keep you smoking and filling their pocket with your well-earned cash.

Stop smoking!

Examples: Remember the information above and what you have read, the word ‘addiction’, the power behind it, reversed psychology, embedded persuasive command, which can also be perception without awareness over time.

  1. Look at how they have used the white bold writing.

It reads ‘the risk of coronary heart disease is smoking abstinence’ basically saying that your risk of heart disease is increased by stopping smoking. Absolutely unbelievable. Stop smoking.


2.    Look at the use of the language in this one. It reads ‘Smoking is highly addictive, don’t start’, basically this confirms and justifies your reasons to smoke, and also uses the law of reversed effort by saying ‘don’t start’, a very powerful use of language. Also the photo of the syringe is implying that ‘smoking is’ like injecting yourself like an addiction. Starting to get my drift?


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