Overcome lifes limitations

How to overcome those self limitations.

What are self limitations?

Our first formed self limiting beliefs are low self esteem and social anxiety, these are realised and framed in early childhood. This framing of both beliefs and self limiting beliefs act as a filter and rule book to how we react to the world around us. A belief is an assumed truth, our self limiting beliefs protect us from ultimately be judged. Fear and threat are the premise of holding such self limitations.

I will never reach management.

I’m just not management material.

I cannot express myself.

My boss dislikes me.

I dont think my colleagues take me seriously.

I’m lacking in motivation.

I struggle with responsibility.

I’m easily distracted.

I feel uneasy in large groups.

I can’t work with the work load.

How do you know if you are having them/affected?

Spotting self limiting beliefs

Self limiting beliefs are easy to spot when you are consciously managing your thinking and cognition. I like to call this policing your thoughts and feelings.

Finding the time to sporadically interrupt your thoughts throughout your day is a must when you truly want freedom negative beliefs.

Most people are unaware of their self limiting beliefs as they are accessed automatically and act as a defense mechanism allowing us to avoid situations that may cause us emotional harm or threat through judgement. So, if you are feeling held back or restrained then you are most probably having a self limiting belief.

How do you change self-limiting beliefs?

Changing and challenging self limiting beliefs can be easily achieved if you are determined to change and take responsibility. First you need find out what it is you want, then you need to look at what is it that might be holding you back. Often when you focus on what you want you find a list of excuses (self limitations) that follow. These are holding you back. If you really want to change your circumstances then you need to apply honesty with yourself and ask yourself, am I making excuses?  Am I justifying how I feel just to avoid failure or fear?  If you want to change, you have to challenge. By dedicating time to reframing your limiting thoughts and feelings you can see fast results

How do you know you have succeeded?

You have only succeeded if you can honestly say that you have tried to challenge your excuses. True success is a preventative rather than a cure. If you feel great then you probably are. If you enjoy success then you are most probably successful. The ultimate mental makeover is achieved.

Success in challenging one’s own limiting beliefs requires a high level of focus and dedication. The main reason I developed Mental Makeover is to enable clients to remove themselves from their regular environments in order to create an interrupt in their daily routines, causing enough disturbance to their usual patterns that they are able to fully address limiting beliefs and rapidly change their ways of thinking.

Finding the space between, then, now, there. The interupt.