Cognitive Hypnotherapy

So what is cognitive hypnotherapy and how does hypnosis work?


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern form of hypnotherapy. It can help people overcome their issues and create change in areas that they feel need some attention. Its a unique approach that is highly bespoke to each client.

It’s important that each client receives a personal approach that is individual to them as we all construct our experiences differently. Uderstanding your own personality is highly focused upon.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is constructed around transforming the unique way you experience your symptom to help you to a solution.

Most of the issues we face in life are created by limiting ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that we have formulated from our past without realisation. These can create a negative impact upon our everyday lives.

Many of our thoughts and ideas function below our conscious awareness. This can cause us to feel negativity without actually knowing why. When this happens our minds can create repetitive, habitual problems that can feel difficult to understand or even control.

Cognitive hypnotherapy helps to reprogramme unwanted neural pathways that have been previously formed. When reprogramming has been achieved you can experience freedom and an increased ability to take responsibility and to positively manage your mind.

So what is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is best described as a natural phenomenon. It is a state of relaxation and concentration combined with heightened awareness.

So hypnosis is a deep natural state of physical relaxation, combined with a relaxed yet focused mind. Hypnosis is a state almost anyone can enter if they want to. You cannot be forced into hypnosis. It has to be voluntary. The client has to permit the hypnotherapist to enter the state of hypnosis. The hypnotherapist is simply the catalyst that enables a person to enter the state by helping the client to relax their body and focusing their mind using their imagination. In many ways the hypnotherapist becomes the bus driver of your mind. You simply climb aboard the bus and allow the hypnotherapist takes you from stop to stop, with your agreement to do so.


When a client enters the state of hypnosis, they are always completely aware of what is going on around them. The client can be completely oblivious to normal conscious distraction, but at the same time remain in complete control.

This then gives reason to why some people believe that they cannot be “hypnotised” which would only be suggesting or implying that they cannot relax or enter a state of relaxation. The only reason for this belief is that most people do not realise when they are actually in the state. They do not feel any different other than the overwhelming feeling of being relaxed. There are many levels of ‘deepness’ in hypnotic scale. For instance, during hypnotherapy a fairly light state of hypnosis is effective. This means that most people are fully aware of their surroundings.

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