Phobias & Anxiety

Phobias and Anxiety

Phobias are an external symbol of an internal anxiety.


So how do phobias develop?

As we are growing up we are constantly go experiencing and sometimes those experiences can be unpleasant.

If these emotions are intense enough we can ‘bottle them up’ and can develop a phobias and anxiety. This is know as an external symbolic interpretation of an internal anxiety.

How are phobias symbols of our anxiety?

The fear of flying is a good example of how phobias are often symbolic. According to Virgin Atlantic, about 10 million people in the UK suffer from a fear of flying. Not many people however have actually been in a plane crash…so a fear of flying, like most phobias, is actually a fear of being out of control. There is nothing more likely to trigger a feeling of being out of control than being stuck in an aircraft 30,000 ft up with the doors locked and no exit.

Your psyche symbolises the fear of being out of control and projects this onto planes/flying.

How to get rid of your phobia.

Some therapies try and get you to face your fear which usually only helps in the short term and can make things worse. However when you think about the fact that a phobia is driven by EMOTION. The most successful long term solution is to change how you ‘think’, by managing your thinking (cognition), this way you learn to manage the emotions and begin to take back the control. To achieve results a mixture of therapies may be used, such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching.

If you are suffering from a phobia please contact us for a ‘initial consultation’. If your phobia has not been listed please remember that the list is not exhaustive and we can still help even though there is no reference.

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  • Understand your thinking and cognition to be help remove your anxiety or phobia.
  • Your phobia is an expression of an inner anxiety
  • so no phobia is too small to make it insignificant.