Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety

You too can overcome stress and anxiety and gain a balance in every aspect of you daily life. 


Stress and anxiety can be present at many levels in our life, even stress that you cannot identify (chronic) but more commonly, boredom, frustration, general work pressure(s) and financial problems are becoming more apparent in todays society.

This, has in turn, even prompted the government to ask companies to set up stress management counselling within their own business.

More conventional methods to help overcome stress and anxiety can be of some help but never manages to deal with the root cause because when you stop the feelings return.

Why do some people manage to cope with the stresses of life and others seem to crack under the pressure of it all?

Why is it that you do not sleep well at night and seem to constantly worry before you finally fall asleep?

Excess worry, anxiety and self-doubt will most definitely come from our subconscious part of our mind. Nobody wants this overflow of emotion to play an unwanted role in our conscious living which no doubt affects our overall lifestyle including at home, work and socially.

At the McKeown Clinic our program(s) can be used to train your conscious and subconscious, simultaneously to help you cope with life’s difficulties in a simple but yet effective way.

Coaching – So What Can We Achieve?

Achieving Your Potential
Self-esteem and self-confidence

Controlling Your Life

Being able to think and act positively is achieved through an awareness of being in control. Managing your thinking can create and enhance confidence, assuredness and sense of personal competence.

Make Learning Easier

Poor study habits, poor memory, absence of reward can be a thing of the past.

Stress and Anxiety

Factors, which are known or unknown, can cause stress and/or anxiety. Problems or insecurities involving relationships, employment, health situations and other disturbing factors can foster mental and physical conditions. These can adversely affect your progress and enjoyment of life.

Success in Sales

Managing your thinking can provide a means to maintain the enthusiasm required for success in sales.


per session
  • Learn to manage you thinking.
  • Be the ruler of your own mind.
  • Become independent of your environment.