Psychoanalysis in St Albans and Chichester


Psychoanalysis in St Albans & Chichester

Psychoanalysis is one of the most well-known psychological treatments available. The main goal of psychoanalysis is to help clients better understand past experiences and how these can play a role in their current behaviours, thoughts and emotions in everyday life.

What is Psychoanalysis and how can it help?

It’s a type of therapy that allows people to move forward from past conflicting emotional experiences. Most psychological symptoms are formed and maintained by limiting thoughts and belief patterns. These beliefs are also strengthened by negative thinking styles which dictate how we view the rest of our lives.

Psychoanalysis allows people to recover by exposing them to difficult past life experiences, such as traumatic, emotional impacts on them.

‘Depression is your mind telling you it’s tired of being the character you’re trying to play.’– Jim Carrey

Psychoanalysis is based on the doctrine of cause and effect and the main objective is to search out the original emotional experience or source of the originating problem by use of free association.

Free association allows the client to freely explore their unconscious mind without censorship enabling them to bring about old emotions that may have been hidden. When unexpressed emotions or experiences are not dealt with, they can cause unwanted behaviours and actions.

How is anxiety linked to a past experience?

It’s where an intense emotional event from our childhood is hidden from the conscious mind, causing unwanted behaviour and emotions. This can be linked with a behaviour such as a phobia, social anxiety, panic attack, depression or a physical symptom such as a stuttering and stammering, even in extreme cases, the manifestation of a disease. 

‘The wound is the place where light enters you.’ – Rumi

The examination of negative past events enables associated emotions to be released. These patterns of negative behaviour become unnecessary and therefore break down immediately.

Psychoanalysis enables a person to visit any unresolved negative experiences in a non-judgemental atmosphere. When this is achieved it changes their limiting belief gaining a feeling of relief.

Who can benefit from Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis helps clients of all ages. It can even benefit those who are just curious to know more about themselves and how their mind works. Essentially though, psychoanalysis is for people who have concerns that limit the way they want to live their lives. It allows them to address their internal conflicts, increasing self-understanding and freedom from negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour that are limiting their life-satisfaction.

‘Miracles occur in psychoanalysis as seldom as anywhere else.’ – Karen Horney

Nobody should have something inside of themselves that is outside of their control. 

Imagine how amazing it must be to uncover the true you in a way that enables you to fully appreciate who you are. Be who you really should be. Don’t just be the best, be even better.

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