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01 Mar 2014

The Correlation between your blood type and anxiety, weight loss and weight gain.

March 01, 2014Fitness

Eat right for your blood type

Blood type and anxiety – This is a subject I have been researching for sometime now. I have spent much of my time reading the works of ‘Dr. D’ Adamo’,

‘Dr D’ Adamo ND is a naturopathic physician noted for his popular books on the Blood Type Diet. His series of books suggest that appropriate diet and lifestyle depend in part on an individual’s blood type. An acknowledged expert in naturopathic medicine, Dr. D’ Adamo’s numerous publications and best selling books have greatly contributed to our understanding of dietary individuality’.

The blood type diet has been around for decades now, so not a new idea, but it states that some of the food your eat may not be suitable for you blood type due to your biochemical make-up, this can be largely due to the stomach acids and many other factors etc.

It states that if you are eating foods that do not fit with your blood type it can act as a poison but this is a gradual process over time so will not be evident immediately or even ever known to be the cause of bad health, although some people show immediate negative reactions to dairy products, wheat products so they simply do not eat them.

But because it doesn’t create a negative physical reaction it certainly doesn’t mean you should be eating it.

Now at first I thought how could this be, so if I eat a certain vegetable that doesn’t fit with my blood type, is it affecting me in some way? So I thought, I going to this out as an experiment on myself.

I looked at the foods that it says I shouldn’t eat and removed them from my normal diet (diet, meaning healthy eating) and added some foods that it suggested that I should eat, unbelievably, after around two weeks I noticed some changes, physical and psychological changes, I lost some weight (added bonus), I had more energy, but the main thing that strikes me the most was my positive attitude towards things that would have normally have made me frustrated, I seemed to have gained more clarity.

Now I have worked within the mental health industry for over 8 years now and always knew that eating healthily is a very good start to having a healthy mind but had not ever considered that some foods (considered healthy) would ever have a negative physical and psychological affect upon me, even foods that are considered healthy (obviously, they still are, but to a different blood group). I am talking about certain vegetables, certain pulses, even some beans.

Now I am not a believer of diets and dieting as i believe that their is a negative psychology involved whereby deprivation and guilt are at play, which inevitably causes huge issues.

‘The double edged sword, you either feel deprived because you cant eat it or you feel guilty because you did’. Either way you get cut! This is why most people when on a diet can only last a set period of time. This is simply ‘Emile Coue’s law of reversed effect’, which is simply the more you consciously will yourself NOT to do something, the more you feel the need to do it.

So getting back to my point with regards to the blood type issue. I am a firm believer in ’cause and affect’, and believe that you should always seek out the originating issue and not simply deal with the symptom, as the real deep routed issue will always exist.

So if a certain food is disagreeing with you and you are aware that it is, whether because you are sick, have acid, stomach up set, diarrhoea etc. you simply don’t eat it any more.

What if you learned that a certain food was making you anxious, would you still eat it? Of course not it wouldn’t be logical.

Well I can almost say that the majority of the population are suffering in silence and are definitely not realising that some foods are actually causing them stress physically and also causing psychological issues as well due to the negative affect on the body.

Here’s a statistic:

3 out of 4

Appears to be the odds that your health will improve by following the right diet for your blood type. The facts are clear cut: In the 6617 individuals who reported their results from following the blood type diet for a period of one month or more, three out of four (71-78%) had significant improvement in a variety of health conditions. Weight loss was the effect most often observed but a number of reports detailed improvements in digestive function, resistance to stress, overall energy and mental clarity.

The percentages (71-78%) of visitors reporting positive results are consistent across all the blood types. Type O (following a higher protein lower-carb diet) appeared as likely to report positive results as Type A (following a lower fat, plant-based diet) or types B and AB (following a more omnivorous diet.)

The results certainly appear to question many of the standardized one size fits all diets advanced by the diet gurus, governments and agribusiness.

So if you are depressed or have been anxious for whatever reason it could be something you have eaten. Why not look at this factor in your life, you may find that your life dramatically improves.

I will be running a course in the near future combining my new ‘positive actions training programme’ and the ‘blood type eat right’ programme’, these two elements will make sure that any anxiety will be dealt with mentally and physically and an added bonus of losing lots of weight naturally without the need to deprive yourself.

The ‘Positive action’ programme itself will explore and identify your psychological limitations.

The ‘Blood type eat right’ programme will explore and identify your physical inhibitions.

A very new innovative way to change your life, a training programme that has therapeutic results, only available with Steve McKeown.

The art of complementing. Positive action leads to truly positive results. Blood type and anxiety.