Sports Performance Coaching in St Albans and Chichester

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Sports Performance Coaching in St Albans & Chichester

Professional athletes and sports people dedicate many years honing their craft, to ensure they become part of the sports elite, at the top of their field. 

Gaining huge attention over recent years, Sports Performance Coaching is not new to the mental health psychology arena.

Becoming a more important factor in our lives in recent times, Sport has become a more important factor. Ranging from novice to professional level, many more sports people are engaging the services of Sports Performance Coaches.

‘Where focus goes, energy flows.’ – Anthony Robbins

The Discipline of Sports Psychology

Lying between athletic training and personal counselling, the discipline of sports psychology varies widely, depending on the sport and the practitioner. This is because the focus is about how different areas of competition affect the player’s or team’s overall mindset.

The ultimate aim is the well-being of athletes. Therefore mental toughness is promoted by sports performance psychologists. This optimises athletic achievement, with the aim of helping them stay independent of negativity.

‘You’re lucky when you’re young if you find someone that doesn’t talk down to you, that treats you seriously, as a serious person. If you want to be taken seriously, then take something seriously, don’t coast.’

–  Edward Norton

What is sports performance psychology coaching? Athletes often say that a sport is 70% psychological.

Prepare Yourself Psychologically

You make preparations for competition by training physically and therefore you must also prepare yourself psychologically. This will give you the edge. It’s this psychological side of sporting activity that a sports psychology professional works to enhance. 

‘Be, at any time, able to sacrifice who you are for what you could become.’ –  Sugar Ray Leonard

Sports coaches often deal exclusively with the physical and strategic components of sports, whereas, sports psychology coaches seek to harness and develop the minds of athletes to help them improve their performance.

Sports performance coaching aims to help athletes achieve their maximum potential and enhance their overall experience.

‘To be a legend is easy. To become that legend takes hard work and pure dedication.’ – Mo Farah

Why do people engage a sports psychology professional?

There are so many reasons, including improving overall performance, constructing a bulletproof psychology, creating a laser-beam focus, overcoming the pressures of competition and enhancing the experience of youth sports.

‘Even if I hadn’t been a boxing champion, I’d have swept the streets as one. I was a world champion way before I’d ever become one.’  – Muhammed Ali

Sports performance coaching can provide support for all athletes from novice to professional, coaches, team sports and organisations.

TMC provides specialist performance coaching in football, rugby, tennis, golf, boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, athletics, equestrianism or horseback riding, swimming, cycling, motor racing, motorcycle racing or motocross, hockey, darts and pretty much any other sport that exists.

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