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01 Mar 2014

The truth about sugar and addiction

March 01, 2014Health

Having spent months watching countless weight loss documentaries for research…I have made note that many of the self proclaimed guru’s of weight loss were in fact hugely over weight themselves (obese), they are also very open and proud of their own 200 lb’s weight loss which is great and one can only RESPECT (A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities) them for that BUT nearly all of them believe that sugar is an addictive substance and make a comparison with drugs and alcohol (associated reinforcement). This leads me to the problem. These Guru’s are using there own success stories, not knowingly I hasten to say, to limit the public’s beliefs by advocating and advertising the use of addiction as the main problem with weight issues. Addiction to sugar is a false belief!

A limiting belief is a false belief that a person acquires as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life. For example a person could acquire a limiting belief about his ability to succeed as soon as he fails.

I am addicted, I am a failure or I cant succeed are examples of limiting beliefs that people collect throughout their lives.

The medical definition of the word ‘addiction’ is a physical dependency ie.. “Dependence is at such a point that stopping is very difficult and causes severe physical and mental reactions from withdrawal.” (

The association of sugar with addiction reinforces and distorts the behaviour in a negative way, actually making it harder psychologically to refrain. You may ask why…because if we believe sugar is an addiction it is then outside our own conscious internal control, believing its physiological, hence removing responsibility, fundamentally using these as excuses to project anxiety away from ourselves, ultimately justifying it and in-tern eating more and more.

In fact everyone could stop eating sugar tomorrow, actually our physiology (body) would have a positive reaction to the reduction in sugar not a negative withdrawal..slightly conflicting wouldn’t you say.

My point is that these once overweight ‘guru’s’ have to believe that sugar is an addiction to logically justify there own self doubts, there own reasons for being hugely overweight for a large period of their own lives…hence removing responsibility, because let’s be honest they have to excuse themselves for all those years of weight issues.

So the moral of this blog is to be critical of your own thinking, don’t believe everything you are told, take back the control in your life, if it doesn’t feel right, question it and get the facts before you become limited. Weight-loss starts with your cognition, challenge your limiting beliefs, remember you were never taught how to think you were simply told, so why not start learning and making your own decisions!