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About us


About our Psychotherapists & Life Coaches

Scroll through the list below of Psychotherapists and Life Coaches that are available at TMC.

Steve McKeown, MIAEBP Adv.D.HYP – Psychoanalyst & Coach – International Mind Fixer

Psychoanalyst, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master and Mindset Coach. Steve McKeown is a true master of mind-improvement, fully understanding the way humans are conditioned to think….

Coach London and St Albans
Gavin Williamson, Coach for Life™, NLP Master, Personal Trainer – International Mind Fixer

Gavin Williamson is a Coach for Life™, NLP Master, Personal Trainer and has many years of experience coaching people in various areas of life and multiple industries. He is Co-creator of Mind Fixers™…..

If you are a coach or psychotherapist and would like to join the TMC please contact us for more information.