Gavin Williamson

Coach London and St Albans

About Gavin Williamson

Gavin Williamson, Coach for Life ™, NLP Master, Personal Trainer – International Mind Fixer

I’m a Coach for Life ™, NLP Master, Personal Trainer. I have many years of experience coaching people in various areas of life and multiple industries. Always thinking outside the box, I am a former member of MENSA. Being the Co-creator of Mind Fixers™ and The Naked Reboot™ programmes, I’m also a director of the ICLA and Stoic Fitness Ltd.  With much experience in the mental health arena, I have a couple of decades of business experience. This includes banking, the music business, IT and the property industry. 

Decent Standards

I treat everyone equally, with the same standard and level of respect. This approach ensures no matter your background, orientation or beliefs, I work in an ethical and non-judgmental manner. Every life coach is different and you may find my down-to-earth and empathetic style somewhat unique. 

Providing solid support and guidance, I help you get the results you desire. Whether you have a business, music, sporting, career-based, educational, health-based, self-employed, unemployed, unwell, family-based situation right now, or whether you want to change your life completely,  I will motivate and provide you with the tools to create your own level of self-discipline and focus. This will help you to get to the position you wish to attain.

Every one of us is different

The journey is longer for some and shorter for others. Sometimes coaches and therapists will offer ‘rapid results’ (something I always question). But it’s not necessarily about speed, it’s about the end result and it’s about that result being sustainable. 

Many of us reach a desired goal, often life-changing, and want to aim for another goal. For some of us, me included, it’s a life-long, varied and enjoyable quest.

Being a busy family man with young children, I still find time to willingly offer some of my spare time to non-profit situations. I have been the chairman of a Scouting group, am presently a Governor of a school in Cornwall and am involved in other charity work. 

In addition to my coaching work, I am a proof-reader and copy writer, have ghost-written a variety of articles and blogs for the mental health industry and other industries, and have created copy for a multitude of websites.