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The McKeown Clinic was established in 2003 and continues to support individuals, corporations, sports stars and celebrities. Having recently expanded due to sheer demand, TMC has become a hub, offering a variety of coaches and therapists internationally.

There has always been large number of people suffering mental health issues, perhaps one in four. But current data is showing that since the pandemic, which began in 2020, the problem has grown exponentially, with many people having lost their way in all areas of their lives. Companies are struggling to re-motivate their staff. People who have been at home either unwell or furloughed, or worse, those who have lost their livelihoods in terms of jobs, businesses or even loved ones are suffering from an impacted psychology.

The number of people who have suffered with mental health issues, who need face to face or online life coaching UK or guidance, have lost motivation, or are struggling with bad habits has risen exponentially to the point where there is a parallel pandemic – that of poor mental health. If you are one of the many who are suffering, you are not alone.

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The team at TMC are experts in every area of fixing and nurturing the mind. Each coach and therapist that you can reach via TMC’s website are handpicked, highly trained and qualified to help you in whatever area you need.

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Mindset Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy UK

Here you will discover our Corporate Training Programme, our Sports Coaching and our One-to-One or online personal coaching programmes and sessions. Each can be tailored and includes elements of NLP, Mindset Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Services, personalised for you or your team.

Psychotherapy services available 

If you are looking for clinical hypnosis, cognitive hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, one to one or online life coaching and psychotherapy services, help with obsessions or compulsions such as weight loss, drinking alcohol or smoking cessation, or child therapy, you will find essential information, we are experts.

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Courses, Retreats and Publications

As well as offering corporate and personal coaching, TMC provides online courses, overseas retreats and books.


You can download free fact-sheets, videos and other information to help with your journey. You will also find our library of blogs within this section.

Work with Us

We provide a hub of qualified and experienced therapists, nationally and internationally. If you’d like to be accredited and listed as a TMC-recognised practitioner, click here for more information.


For your convenience we offer psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and Life Coaching online and face to face.

Available in Chichester and St Albans, Hertfordshire