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Corporate Coaching for companies – TMC Corporate™ 

Coaching for companies – The chain is only as strong as its individual links

Using a unique and proven approach, TMC Corporate sets itself apart from other Corporate Training programmes, by focusing on the individual within the workplace and thus creating an employee who is disciplined and motivated towards the good of the corporation and a highly-valued team member. 

Combined Methodology

Using a combination of several of our tried and tested programmes, including The Naked Reboot, Mental Makeover and others, plus several decades of combined experience, our bespoke Corporate Coaching programme ensures employees attain a laser beam focus, build and increase trust with colleagues, cement loyalty to the company and deliver an extremely high level of customer service.

Using tools including modelling, strategic games, hypnosis and self-analysis, TMC Corporate deliver a training package to your staff that is effective, engaging, fun and memorable. The mental tools installed are sustainable, meaning that once the staff fully understand the way their mind works and apply tools to manage their thought processes the efficiency, productivity and moral within your teams will increase exponentially.

A positive side effect is the mental well-being of your staff, a potential huge benefit to the corporation in terms of time and money saved due to staff stress and sickness. 

Alarming Corporate Statistics

A study was carried out in 2015 and it was estimated that over 17 million work days were lost to stress, anxiety, depression and other mental issues, the third highest level of sick leave in the UK. In the same year, it was estimated by Oxford Economics that the UK GDP could have been £25 billion higher, were in not for the impact of poor mental health.

Further, the cost of employees either leaving the workforce or going part time due to mental health issues was £5.4 billion…. Only 9% of those went part time and remained in the workforce!

These stats are alarming and have increased, which seems to indicate that businesses are simply not recognising what could become a mental health pandemic.

Our Passion for coaching companies

We are passionate about helping businesses help their employees manage high levels of sustainable positive mental health, which should have a direct, positive impact on the bottom line.

Where the benefits to you of using TMC to deliver TMC Corporate to any number of your employees, or for more information, please contact us now.

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