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On occasion we need a good, attentive and sometimes professional ear…

With compassion, empathy and focus, our highly trained and professional counsellors will provide you with the safe environment in which you can explore your challenge or issues, knowing that everything we discuss is confidential and without judgement during your counselling course.

What is a Counsellor? 

A counsellor is someone with the counselling skills that enable them to listen attentively to your problems and to explore with you ways in which you can deal with them and potentially eradicate them, or to live with them if, in the rare event the issue cannot be eradicated. A counsellor will never judge your personal circumstances or situation and will never discuss them outside of your counselling relationship.

Counsellors provide the right conversational environment to ensure you feel comfortable enough to discuss your feelings and situations. Sometimes you may feel awkward during such discussions and possibly feel it difficult to fully open up, but the counsellor will know this from experience and will be incredibly patient with you, sometimes allowing you to change the subject completely to provide the time for your confidence to build.

How Does Our Counselling Service Work?

TMC counselling is always one-to-one, in private and never in groups. We believe privacy is key to ensuring successful outcomes. We have recently evolved to providing the counselling service via phone or online chat, because we feel it offers more comfort to you and it provides convenience to you, ensuring you don’t have to travel and can attend the appointment from the comfort of your home, or in fact anywhere quiet and private that you choose.

How Long Does a Course of Counselling take?

Each session lasts an hour and for various therapy reasons, your session will always end on time. However, it’s impossible to predict how many sessions you may need, because everyone is different and every problem is different. Issues can range from anxiety, depression and trauma, to phobia, PTSD, paranoia and more. The list is potentially endless.

Do Counsellors Ever Struggle with Their Client’s Issues?

As sometimes the issues discussed are traumatic, counsellors are in a position of possibly taking on clients’ problems. However, to avoid this, good counsellors will always have their own regular counsel with another, trusted professional, where they can explore their own feelings without discussing any of their clients or their issues.


Trust is the cornerstone of counselling and being able to feel cared for and listened to in a safe environment are the pillars supporting TMC’s counselling services.

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Our online counselling is available internationally and in St Albans and Chichester.