About Steve McKeown

Steve McKeown MIAEBP Adv.D.HYP – International Mind Fixer.

Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, NLP and Life Coach. Steve McKeown is a true master of mind-improvement, fully understanding the way humans are conditioned to think. Steve is the creator of the international programme Mind Makeover (Mind Makeover Retreat). With an unrivalled mental toolkit, he expertly guides both groups and individuals on their own unique journeys, to massively-improved ways of thinking, thus helping them to realise enormous positive change in their lives.

Steve is in much demand, managing consistent waiting lists of clients who are eager to improve the way they are living, unsatisfied in their methods of mentally dealing with their own awareness of the world around them.

Steve has helped a list of international celebrities, including actors, TV personalities, musicians, sports stars and successful business people who have registered huge improvements in results after consulting with Steve. However, he also applies the same quality of focus, understanding and skill with non-famous people, achieving the same level of positive results and satisfaction.

An author of several books, including Mind in Mind, Slimmer Mind and Smoke Free Mind.

You can listen to Steve on Paul Ross’ TalkRADIO show where he provides mental health support to listener’s.

Steve is an expert contributor for many TV channels, tabloid newspapers, magazines, radio stations and online media companies, such as The Mirror Newspaper, TalkRADIO, Psychologies Magazine, UNILAD, The Sun Newspaper, BBC News, OK Magazine, ITVs This Morning, The People Newpaper and many more.