Clinical Hypnosis in St Albans and Chichester

Clinical hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis – St Albans & Chichester

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is best described as a natural phenomenon. A state of relaxation and concentration, combined with heightened awareness. Hypnosis is a deep natural state of physical relaxation, combined with a relaxed, yet focused mind. Anyone can enter the state of hypnosis if they want to.

‘Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.’ – Lao Tsu

Entering hypnosis has to be voluntary.  You have to permit the hypnotherapist to enable you to enter the state of hypnosis. A hypnotherapist is simply the catalyst that enables you to enter the state by helping you to relax your body and focusing your mind using your imagination.

Once in a hypnotic trance, the therapist is able to access your subconscious and make suggestions that will heal you. You are aware at all times what is happening and can exit the trance should you feel the need.

‘All problems in life are problem trances, and all solutions are solution trances.’ – Igor Ledochowski

An analogy could be that the hypnotherapist becomes the bus driver of your mind. You simply climb aboard the bus and allow the hypnotherapist to take you from stop to stop, with your agreement to do so.

When a client enters the state of hypnosis, they are always aware of what is going on around them. They can be oblivious to normal conscious distraction, but at the same time remain in complete control.

‘Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see.’ – Milton Erickson

Some people believe that they cannot be hypnotised, which suggests or implies that they cannot enter a state of relaxation. The reason for this belief is that most people do not realise when they are in the state of hypnosis. They do not feel any different other than the overwhelming feeling of being relaxed. There are many levels of ‘deepness’ on the hypnotic scale.

A hypnotherapist only requires the client to enter a light state of hypnosis for the session to be successful.

‘Since most problems are created by our imagination and are thus imaginary, all we need are imaginary solutions.’ – Richard Bandler

Hypnotherapy can help with many different issues and symptoms. Hypnotherapy can help with many different issues, such as simple one-off sessions for stopping smoking, stopping biting nails, losing weight and many other deep-rooted issues.

Please remember that whatever your issue, hypnotherapy can help. If you have an issue that is uncommon, it’s still very likely that help is available.

Here is a list of common symptoms and challenges that can be helped with hypnotherapy, and note, the list is not exhaustive:


Alcohol Abuse

Anger Management

Anxiety and Stress






Chronic Pain


Controlling Cravings

Crohn’s Disease


Drug Abuse

Eating Disorders

Exam Nerves

Fear of Flying


Food Addiction

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy


Hay Fever



Internet Addiction

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Low Self Confidence

Low Self-Esteem

Mental Health

Nail Biting

Negative Behaviour Patterns

Nocturnal Enuresis

Obsessions and Compulsions

Pain Management

Panic Attacks


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Prenatal Depression

Press Release

Public Speaking

Relationship Issues

Sex Addiction

Sexual Issues

Skin Disorders

Sleep Disorders


Sports Performance



Suicidal Thoughts


Tokophobia (fear of childbirth)



Weight Loss

Work Issues

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