Beat the pandemic.

beat the pandemic

Over last 6 months or so we have all been under a huge amount pressure. This can effect many parts of our lives, especially on an emotional level, in-turn can make us very anxious. I have decided to do my bit to beat the pandemic. Economic crisis and give some well needed tips to keep that failing esteem on the up. I will over the next few weeks to post some useful tips that I use within my therapy clinic to combat this on going crisis.

Beat the pandemic.

My first tips and techniques will be based on interviews and getting people back to work. It is now getting harder to get a job as there are less positions available and there are more people fighting for that available vacancy. So now’s the time to perfect you and the way you present yourself. This starts with positive thinking and positive doing.

Why not take the time to work on yourself emotionally, now that ‘time’ is in your hands with some proven to-work techniques that I am going to offer you here over the coming weeks. Be on top of your game! (and don’t leave anything to chance.) Why not invest some time into yourself, while you have it and spend a little effort on your way of thinking. I know from personal and professional experience that if I was to allow this crisis (pandemic) to control me and my thoughts I would see a dramatic change in my personality, this could create so many problems personally and professionally.

So my way of thinking is to use the power of my subconscious to control my conscious outlook on life. So keep this in mind ‘Beliefs or aspirations are fundamental to happiness’, so in effect what you believe is what you are, or what you are becoming, so if you think negatively you will be negative, (you probably already know this, as this is basic psychology), but are you doing anything about it? Probably not, because you limit your beliefs and aspirations, saying things like ‘I cant get a job because there’s a pandemic’, ‘there are too many people going for each job’. I have had 3 interviews already and have not been successful in any’, and so this trend builds and is accumulative.

Ask yourself this question.

Am I really positive when my beliefs are already formed before I go for an interview? In other words ‘your doomed from the start’. Your new mind frame is working against you and you are beginning to accept this even though you are probably not aware of this consciously and even physically. Again ask yourself this question:

  • What traits would you attribute to a confident person’?

How do they present themselves verbally?

  • Do they present themselves physically?

And then ask yourself this ‘Is this me’? Again ask yourself this question.

  • How do you perceive a negative person’?
  • Do they present themselves verbally positive?
  • How do they present themselves physically?

Is this you? Now if you fall into the negative category, then you need help to overcome this. If you fall into both, you still need some help to improve the way you think. If you are not negative at all, then your probably not human! Only Joking, there are still things to be learnt as nobody can be perfect and you are probably limited by the fact that you maybe feel that there’s nothing more you can do to improve and hence become inhibited by your beliefs. ‘Anyone can improve no matter what you feel or think’. ‘The fact that you can learn more means that you can strive to become a better person’.

Struggling Client

I had a client just recently that was struggling, had became very anxious, because every position that they applied for was a ‘knock back’. Over time, after 5 interviews decided to get help because their belief was now negative and inhibiting and holding them back. My client had formed negative suggestions saying things like I’m never going to get a job etc. Not only was the money becoming tight, the depression was setting in. I had to think of the best way to help my client without keeping them in therapy for longer than they needed because their finances were becoming low and this would only create more worry and anxiety, almost a double edged sword.

So I had to come up with something that was effective and kind on my clients pocket. Normally I would used analytical therapy due to other symptoms, as I follow the doctrine of ’cause and effect’. This type of therapy can last between 6-12 sessions and would have been far more life changing but time was the essence. Money and the financial commitments were an issue to

I agreed to deal with confidence and interview worries, as this was what was more important at this point in their lives. I therefore came up with some simple techniques that could be used on an ongoing basis at home whilst having also agreed to have a couple of practical therapy sessions with me.


These techniques were very successful, my client now has a job, feels far more positive about the direction he is taking in life and has even set aside monies for further therapy to deal with his other issues. Everyone’s happy! Over the next few weeks I will be revealing these simple techniques. Tips to help you get back to work or even help you with anything you desire as these techniques are versatile and can be used for anything you decide to improve on. Here’s what in store for the weeks ahead:

Using your personality – applying for a job that fits your personality and getting the most out of it.

Interview techniques to beat the pandemic – Mirroring. Self projection techniques.

How to use your imagination effectively, visualisation techniques to reduce nerves/anxiety. Formulation of self suggestion and auto-therapy (self hypnosis), making them accumulative. Tips for stopping smoking (saving a ton of money). Tips for losing weight easily without dieting (reducing your food bill every week).

All you need to clinch that Job or even that deal if your self employed. Bye for now!

Beat the pandemic!