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08 Jan 2019

FIT Exercise

January 08, 2019Psychology, Self Talk

FIT Exercise™ FIT Technique™

FIT exercise – Manage your thoughts.

Article published in The Sunday Mirror (8th January 2017).

The FIT Exercise™

This three-part process can by used by anybody suffering from negative or limiting thoughts. There are three very easy steps and they will quickly change the way you respond physiologically and emotionally to limiting or ¬negative thought patterns.

1. Find: When you spot a limiting or negative feeling or thought and work through it positively.

For example: “Why am I even going for this job, I’m not good enough to get it?” Or “Why am I bothering to join a dating website, I’m never going to find love?” The key moment is when you recognise the negative thought and deal with it. You could yell “STOP” or “NO” the moment you recognise the thought. It is the stopping of the thought or feeling which people struggle with the most.

The first time you stop one of these thoughts you will be ¬empowered and you have every right to feel proud. The more you do it the easier it gets.

2. Interrupt: The point when you actually escape from whatever ¬situation has been brought on by the negative feeling or thought.

Interrupting a behavioural pattern will help a person to disassociate an impulse or thought with another experience.

For example, if you always have a cigarette with a coffee, skip the coffee. Try a different route to work – and when you arrive see how different you feel about the day ahead. If you feel depressed at your desk, move away. It’s much easier to change what you are feeling if you temporarily change your situation.

3. Transform: Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Instead of “I’m never going to get a well paid job”, tell yourself: “Things are on the up, that good job is coming my way”. Or change “Nobody will ever love me” to “I’m lovable and the right person is soon going to realise it”.

Rephrasing the thought is just part of it. You must visualise it – imagine it actually happening. Use all of your senses to “feel” this new thought. Imagine being the boss in your firm, or strong arms embracing you.

The vast majority of people are very pleasantly surprised when they first use this technique as it makes them realise just how many limiting or negative beliefs and thoughts they were dealing with on a daily basis.

Through the repetition of FIT exercise, you’ll find that within a week it has become an automatic and completely natural process. And this is the point at which you have changed your life – and your 2017 – forever.

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